About Us



Mission Statement:  “Provide superior, unique biological material from harmful algal species and provide services for the enhancement and development of scientific research communities”

ARC presents the opportunity for commercial, industrial, and academic research to explore the use of living marine microalgae for a variety applications such as nutraceutical, pharmaceutical or biomass studies.  The collection houses over 960 living clones from over 70 unique species originating from around the globe.  In our fully equipped laboratory we use the highest quality seawater, freshest nutrients, and house our organisms in a limited access sterile environment.  Since the majority of the organisms produce bioactive compounds, organisms are sustained in critical control to responsibly regulate release into the environment. 

Clones are available for purchase as living samples, moist pellets, or lypholized.   The use of photo-bioreactors allows us to rapidly grow high density volumes that are completely scalable and customizable, from 30 ml tissue culture flasks to 10 liter carboys, depending on your needs.    Furthermore, maintaining such a vast, renewable resource collection affords us the opportunity to provide physiological profiles (pigment, lipid, growth rates, etc) of the clones, targeted to your specific needs.  For example, if the anticipated research involves fish oil production, we offer pre-investigative services that can provide information on which clones have the highest lipid content, thus making downstream research more efficient and focused.    

MARBIONC Algal Resource Collection functions under the aspices of UNCW Crest Research Center at 5600 Marvin K. Moss. Ln, Wilmington NC, 28409.  Inquiries into the commercial opportunities available through ARC can be made to the ARC Director or Sarah Karafas, Culture Curator, at  tomasc@uncw.edu or hutchinsons@uncw.edu, respectively, or by calling 910-962-2370.  Quotes and contracts for purchasing cultures and services will be arranged by Steven Fontana of the MARBIONC Development Group, LLC.