Chattonella antiqua

Description: Cell size > 50 μm.  Existence of a slender tail, however this characteristic has been found to be highly variable and therefore can only be used to distinguish mature cells.  Both characteristics, size and tail presence, vary greatly depending on the age of the cells and the culture.  Morphological and genetic support for the synonym of C. marina var. antiqua.

Type Locality:  Seto Inland Sea, Japan

Authority: (Hada) Ono (1980) - Chattonella antiqua; (Hada) Demura & Kawachi) comb. et stat. nov. - Chattonella marina var. antiqua

References: Bull. Tokai Reg. Fish. Res. Lab. v102 (1980); Jap. J. Phycol., v30 (1982); Phycol. 48(6), 518-535, (2009)

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Genus: Chattonella
Species:marina var. antiqua
Collection Location:
Collection Year:1978
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