Algal Classes Represented

The Algal Resources Collection specializes in the growth and maintenance of marine diatoms, flagellates, and dinoflagellates that have been shown to be harmful in some way to aquatic life or human health.  Our cultures have either been classified as harmful algal bloom (HAB) species with known toxin production, found in association with HAB species, or related to known toxin producers.  We currently house over 718 clones that represent seven algal classes (Figure 1).  Eighty-three unique species from 33 genera (Figure 2) have been identified using a combination of morphometrics and genetics.  Forty-five unique clones remain to be identified to the species level.  These values reflect a large expansion in the collection when they are compared with 2011 values.  During that year we housed fewer unique species and half as many clones and unique genera.  

 Figure 1:  Pie chart representing the proportion of each class that is represented in the ARC colelction




                                                           Figure 2:  Proportion of each genus represented in the 

                                                           ARC collection