Collection Statistics

The Algal Resources Collection is currently comprised of 424 of unique strains distributed in 9 taxonomic groups, 37 genera, and 90 species, with a minimal overlap with other public culture collection. For safety, each strain is kept in duplicates totaling 848 clones maintained by the ARC staff.  Although most of the collection is made up of Dinoflagellates (59%) and Raphidophyceae (22%), strains from other toxic algal groups as well some non-toxic are also present.

The stock cultures housed at ARC originated from all over the globe including both tropical and temperate climates. While some cultures were received as collaborations from other collections, about 70% of our strains were originated from single cell isolations performed by ARC staff using natural phytoplankton populations provided by scientists world-wide. About 80% of our cultures have either been classified as harmful taxa with known toxin production, found in association with toxic species, or related to known toxin producers.