Presently the collection is a major supplier of toxic algae for researchers all over the world, as many collaborations, loans and exchanges are made to investigators each year.  The collection grew quickly to include over seven hundred HAB strains from seven classes encompassing a wide geographic range.  The collection was housed from 1999-2013 in the Center for Marine Science, UNC Wilmington, North Carolina, and in 2013 the collection was moved to the newly constructed MARBIONC (Marine Biotechnology in North Carolina) building in Crest Research Park, developed by UNCW. 

At ARC we aim to provide superior, unique biological material from harmful algal species and provide services for the enhancement and development of scientific research communities.  We offer a variety of characterization, microbiological, and molecular services to accomplish your research goals.  Please browse the list of products and services provided and contact ARC staff with any questions or concerns.



Welcome to our new ARC Director, Dr. Catharina Alves de Souza! Dr. Alves de Souza has extensive experience in phytoplankton ecology and diversity, including algae groups as diverse as cyanobacteria, chlorophytes, diatoms and nanoflagellates. Her morphological-based taxonomic background is complemented by molecular techniques, as well a wide expertise in isolating and culturing microalgae and use of experimental and modeling tools.