Mass Culturing

The Algal Resources Collection additionally operates a Mass Culturing Facility designed to rapidly grow microalgae to high concentrations and volumes.  We maintain seven photobioreactors that cumulatively can grow up to 70 liters of sample.  These photobioreactors were designed in collaboration with private industry, IKA Works ®, to be customized to our specific needs.  

In static mass culture ARC is equipped to grow and maintain up to 2,100 liters of sample. 

These can be harvested and provided to researchers in a variety of formats, such as moist or frozen pellets, and used in studies requiring large numbers of cells, such as toxin analyses or bioactivity studies.  

We have a variety of frozen pellets on hand, but a large majority of our mass culturing is custom order.  

Please contact ARC staff for a quote.




* IKA is a registered trademark of IKA Works ®, Wilmington NC